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Check out the Village ABC’s for Pricing, Delivery, Returns, Simplified Payment, Client Support & Service Reviews.
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Our Goal: The best pricing on items you use regularly

• Full line catalog
• Key item catalog
• Custom price list (client reviews)
• Web site specials

Our Goal: For our drivers to be remembered as a helpful representative of Village

• Free next day delivery (no minimum order)
• We place orders where you need them
• Neat and uniformed drivers
• Driver Incentive Program
• Nextel direct connect system

Our Goal: To keep backorders to a minimum

• Backorders average only 1%
• Team dedicated to proactively call you with an ETA or options offered
• No backorders cancelled without your approval

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Village Office Supply
Village Office Supply
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Village Office Supply
Hassle-Free Returns
Our Goal: To make returns quick and hassle-free

• No return authorizations needed
• A simple call to customer service starts the process – handled just like a delivery

Simplified Payment
Our Goal: To make paying your invoices convenient and understandable

• Your account is already open!
• Dedicated and accessible team

Client Reviews
Our Goal: To create ongoing value

• Review usage, service and pricing
• Enhance value where possible

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